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War Robots Mod APK (Unlimited Rockets/ Ammo)

War Robots Mod APK is an amazing game with awesome features. It is a set of farewells of the standard war, but here we are experiencing the war of current time or advanced time. You can be a robot for one day, join the front line, and destroy your robots or enemies. We can send our robots to fight for us for survival. In the battle zone, you can win the battle with your robots byte using enormous weapons and ammo.

Information Table

App NameWar Robots Mod APK v7.7.7 unlimited gold and silver
Latest VersionV7.7.7
Get it onGoogle Play store
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last Update2 days ago
war robots

Create a group of outstanding and set war with an internet connection. Leave them in the war zone and make your robots win. Sow your skills as a strong warrior in the online war. Select your own robots from a wide range of robots. Enable them by giving them a great and wide range of weapons. Make your group and show your skills as a warrior. You can play alone without any group.

Here we are giving you the worthy features.

War Robots Features

Join your weapons

You can join the robots here; it is a better way how you can join. Robot and you loved the most, can choose on your choice. You can have impressive weapons and make your own machine. This is the coolest feature of this game.

Create your own crew

You can create your own group, select any group of robots to make your own group. Pick up your more incredible robots as possible you want and as your way of selection.

Cash requirement

This game is free of download, but you need some cash to get some awesome weapons in this game. If you want more grounded weapons in this game, at this point you have to buy these weapons with cash.

Premium rewards

It tends to be difficult to get rewards because this game has very difficult levels.

Selection of remarkable robot

You can select your own robots according to your choice. You can select these robots keeping in mind. The capacities and qualities you can get your weapons according to the need of your robot. Select the most impressive on the battlefield.

Fight individually

You can fight individually; you can set a match individually throughout the globe. And you can make new fellows in this game.

inactive bots

Enhance rewards

You can enhance the number of rewards by fighting with the great brewery and doing well in the battle.

Fantastic Game

It is one of the best internet games. Tragically you can’t play it without web association. It is a short web associated game you can play it with a decent web association interface with the online application. You can interface your game with the online application. You can mess around with your Facebook fellows.

Beautifully designed

This game is extraordinary and engaging gameplay, you will be enchanted by the beautiful designs of the game.

Issues have been fixed

The bugs and issues have been fixed in this game; upgradation is present in the different elements of the game.

Smooth control

This game has so smooth control to play and handle. But it has some difficulties in it. This is so easy to play everyone can play it very easily but can encounter many hard challenges in the battle zone.

How to download

  • Search for War Robots Mod APK download the google
  • Go to the connection where from you want to download this game
  • Click on the little box which says download APK
  • Start the progress on your device
  • Now you can play this game and enjoy it a lot

Mods of the game

War Robots has a number of game modes which are consist of the quick match, domination, beacon rush, team deathmatch, free for all, arena and skirmish, arena and skirmish are played on the weekend. There are a lot of modes to play constantly experience the battle modes are again divided into two different categories.

Custom and default

For default mode, the player can play in the AI. The map is selected randomly. The default player can count in 6V6. The custom is different from the default mode. You can make a team and play with your friends. You can select a map and set a maximum number of players. This mode does not offer bonuses or any sort of rewards.

unlimited gold

Mod Features

Unlimited Rockets

You can get more rockets than usual; you can use them according to your choice.

Main Features

  • 39 battle robots with strength more the 30 types of weapons, consists of missiles, energy and plasma guns
  • Combination of robots and weapons
  • Make you war machine according the need and your style of fight
  • Create your clean and glorious victories
  • Completion of military tasks


Can I child play this game?

This game is an activist fighting game, so it is not based on difficulties that a child can’t handle.

Can we play this War Robots APK on our PC?

Yes, you can play this game on any gadget where you want or whichever you want to play. you can play this game on your PC easily.

What are the special things that happen in War Robots APK?

The most special thing about this game is the way or style that how can you start a war with robots. You can send the robots to the battlefield in order to win the battle by using various weapons and rockets.

Final Verdict

War Robots Mod APK is a fantastic mode version game played by players around the globe. You can teach others about its uses and features. It is an amazing game that has wonderful and realistic graphics. If you want clarification about this game. You can comment below the conclusion. I will answer all your possible questions and queries.

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