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Temple Run 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins)

Information about temple run 2

App Name Temple Run 2 APK
Current Version1.84.0
Requires Android4.4 and up
Get it onGoogle Play Store
Updated2 Days Ago

Game developer IMANGI Studio offers the latest adventure of Temple Run 2 Mod APK for its android gamers after Temple Run. The game brings you a lot of interesting adventures and action gameplay on the maze, a jungle run, and an alien economy with your favorite characters. A giant monkey and many other terrible monsters that chase you. You need to move fast to overcome the challenges in the game. And each one needs to make different decisions. Use touch control to move your characters freely up and down. And swing around to overcome obstacles. Challenging yourself on many maps with increasing difficulty. Have fun playing with the characters and each has its own characteristics and unique shapes. Discover a lot of features and power-ups with amazing effects and abilities.



Intuitive Touch Control

Temple Run 2 is a very interesting and simple game that is very easy to control. Temple Run 2 is adding a very interesting free gameplay for its android gamers which has been made very easy to play and control. And you can easily control your character from the touch screen of your devices. You can move them up and down right and left. You need to jump on traps and rocks. And use simple control to get your across multiple powers in the game.

Unlocked Awesome Maps

For those who like and are interesting in playing temple run. They will enjoy the magnificent maps at Temple Run 2, which includes various setups. With different themes and new obstacles, you can play with, you feel free to explore many organic environments. Because these things are so much fun with the game. Enjoy the adventures in the game and make sure the game has unique setups and different theme maps. That you always enjoyed the game.

How to play

In Temple Run 2 Mod APK needs to get coins to avoid obstacles and avoid monsters. You have to pay attention to crossing really dangerous rocks and many lines. Your only mistake is making food for the monster. This is a very simple game in which you control the screen of your device to control your character jumping. It’s easier said than done, especially when you are in trouble with the game. And try to discourage and many such subtle traps have been saved. If you are at risk then you can use it.

Difficulty of Levels

Enjoy working with Temple Run 2 with increasing difficulty and increasing levels. This ensures that you can enjoy each and every one of the different maps. Find yourself in the face of increasing obstacles and difficult challenges so that you can enjoy the game more. And you will find places of entertainment in it and you will be able to get it easily more amazing levels.


You can enjoy many interesting setups in Temple Run 2 to avoid all the obstacles in the game. Which brings a lot of changes to the game? Enjoy playing with special posts to improve your health and reduce sudden execution or just give away your bonus coins. This game makes sure, that you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Different Character with Different Abilities

Temple Run 2 offers many different characters to further enhance the run to the game. With which you can now play comfortably. Feel free to choose them. And enjoy their unique features and abilities. And at the same time, you can customize your characters with different customs and accessories. Which makes it very easy to change their shape. Enjoy working with different hundreds of accessories to enable your character to combine humor. This way the free runner makes the gameplay much more enjoyable.

unlimited coins

Collect coins to get a high score

During all the runs you have to collect as many coins as possible in the game. So, you can stay in the game as long as possible. And get the best score in temple run 2. And enjoy the game with it and get the right to brag with other players. Challenge at the highest level in the world.

Offline Gameplay

People who like and are interested in Temple Run 2. They can download it from our modified version without any payment. And you can enjoy the features as well. Access and enjoy sports without the internet.

Visual Graphics and Sound


Compared to Temple Run, Temple Run 2 has introduced its android games in a very scary environment. In which you have to go through many challenges and thrilling runs. Which you can go through at the same time, the flood animation and interesting visual effects make sure that you enjoy the game well. Includes 3D graphics, which attracts players.


Along with interesting graphics, Temple Run 2 introduce its android gamers with an audio sound experience after that success. In which you can find the monster behind you from a few inches away. The soundtracks of the game s very interesting and thrilling which give a lot of fun to the players.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Characters Unlocked
  • Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 latest Version

it is a thrilling game, which is a never-ending game. You can get temple Run 2 on all your devices without any hassle. The fact is that you are an adventurer who gets lost in the jungle in search of wealth. But in fact, they have discovered a thousand prehistoric artifacts. You need to break to protect yourself from monsters. Because they are always behind you. When you are running to escape a gangster, so along the way you find an unlimited variety of accessories that you need to get. Because they help your upgradation. For which you have an unlimited amount of gold and diamonds lots you can get from our modified version Temple Run 2 Mod APK. And you can download it to your devices without any hassle.

temple run 2

Download Temple Run 2 Mod APK

Temple Run 2 is an upgraded version from the previous version. There have been many changes in this version like, upgrading maps, unlocking all characters, extra features, and upgrading many new features.

In this game, you can get unlimited everything whatever you want from our site. It’s a simple and thrilling game, if you want lots of diamonds and coins so download the APK file from the given link on the article.


Is Temple Run 2 a free game?

Yes, you can play Temple Run 2 on your devices free from WHEELZAPK. Com

Is Temple Run 2 online or offline?

No, you don’t need to play an internet connection to temple run. You just need to only connect to the internet when you first install the game.

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