Roblox Gear ID Codes (2022)

Assuming you are searching for Roblox Gear codes, you have shown up at the ideal locations. Get most of the regulations in this post and learn how to recover the Roblox item codes. You might win incredible prizes by obtaining the Roblox Gear codes from the list beneath. To learn more, scroll down!

100 + Roblox Gear Codes March 2022

Roblox is a web-based game that was delivered in 2006. Notice that it was created and distributed by Roblox Corporation. Roblox is a game-developed template that is massively gameplay on the internet. Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, macOS, Fire OS, and Masterpiece Mac OS were all supported. Many users are looking for Roblox Gear Codes 2022 right now. Keep an eye out for the codes!

Roblox Gear

The Roblox series follows a fantastic game progression, with players encountering an array of built-in stages that entice them and help them to hone their playing skills. Roblox gear is a set of items modeled from image stores that can be used as a game component. It was employed to benefit gamers for gear qualities or characters’ image demands, such as exploiting the radius circle to gain an edge in the pace of the run.

Various Roblox Gear Codes ID is used in games, like lasers, edges, and instruments. The plan is to include it in a reasonable limit or essentially for magnificence care items, yet in the current style, the fundamental use of the stuff is refreshing.

Types Of Roblox Gear

Individual Transport

Pinion wheels can help players move wherever in the space of the aide. A couple of cogwheels partake in the advantage that created the characterization of produce vehicle models—for example – skateboards.

Social Items

The limit is used for the cogwheels in a social gathering. The setup has the looks portrayal in various dropping elixirs or downsized games considering graphical UI plan.


The pinion wheels can play any beat of the music in the game. These instruments appear to be like Boombox have different plans. They work comparable to typical Boombox.

Building Tools

The genuine thought portrays building various developments or changing game setups that are not explosives. For example – a show is given for bucket paint.


Here, gears portray the likelihood of exploding. This limit is used to beat the enemies behind the covers, either autonomously or in a get-together for general unrest. Weapons are used like rocket launchers and bombs.

6. Course Enhancers

They are investigating players to meander around the games to track down their beneficiaries to stay to the degree that this sounds conceivable, indeed. Until the item is ready, this phase demands flying, bigger jumps, or a general increase in walking pace.

7. Enhancers

This restriction is used to upgrade a team’s power, allowing them to continue in the game too long. Enhancers recall speeds up or grow clinical benefits; flying pinion wheels are used as enhancers.

8. Engagement Weapons

This weapon order goes with the advantage that it joins edge-type covers like – blades and sleds. For example – twofold utilized used for conflict weapons.

9. Gone Weapon

It is believed that pointing far away lighting on certain items, such as lasers and rifles, is suitable for extended use. A part of the ran weapons suggest indirectly like-produced supporters that help to attack in different headings.

All Gear Codes

Primary Codes For Roblox

Brilliant Super Fly Boombox

Code: 212641536

It is to play the music figuratively speaking. You can use it to focus on the boiling jams all over the town.

2. Play club

Roblox Baseball Bat

Code: 55301897

It is offered for 500 Robux. It can only be used for the game of baseball.

3. Rainbow Magic Carpet

Roblox Rainbow Magic Carpet

Roblox Gear Code: 225921000

You can ride this carpet across the air for 700 Robux, and it will leave a rainbow limp alongside you.

Bombo’s Survival Knife is number four on the list.

Roblox Code: 121946387 Bombo’s Survival Knife

5. Potion for Body Swapping

78730532 is the Roblox Body Swap Potion code.

It will assist you in continuing to live the life of someone else that you have fantasized about from childhood. It’s available for 400 Robux.

6. Doge Assault

Attack Doge on Roblox

Roblox Gear Code. 257810065

If you see multiple foes, tap on the adversary target to send this doge. This doge’s bark does not yet grow when he sees many opponents.

7. Ronin Katana

Roblox Ronin Katana

Code: 12187348

 It might be purchased for 45 Robux.

8. Frosty Fox Tail

Code: 116693764

This gun is appreciated by ordinary people, police, hooligans, and officials because of its high shoot rate, reliability, diminutiveness, and ergonomics. It is sold for 1000 Robux.

11. Gravity Coil

Roblox Gravity Coil

Code: 16688968

If you put this on, it reduces the effect of attraction on your avatar by 75%, allowing you to fall at a slower pace from incredible distances and fly higher. This item is available for 250 Robux.

12. Boombox Gear 3.0

Roblox Ultimate Drive Speedster

Code: 253519495

Purchase this item for 750 Robux, and then snap to have this automobile on the road. Only two voyagers can be accommodated in this aircraft.

14. Ice Blue Rolling Hoverboard

17. Vast Laser Gun

Roblox Galactic Laser Gun

Code: 168143042

Opponents on any planet will be terrified of your might and rage. It’s possible to get it for 375 Robux.

18. Troubled Murderer Knife

Roblox Mad Murderer Knife

Code: 170897263

Is it possible to describe you as a grumpy sibling? Indeed, it will quickly inflict wounds on the enemy in Roblox. It costs 500 dollars in the shop.

19. Speed Coil

Roblox Speed Coil

Code: 99119158

Consume 250 Robux to buy this twist and lift your speed.

20. Cutting edge of the Epicredness

Roblox Sword of the Epicredness

Code: 409745306

For 500 Robux, you can purchase this razor-sharp edge. This edge deals 22-16 cut damage, with an estimated 25 mischief if you act out the glowing red shoot. It does 40 wickedness if any opponents slow down in the red rectangle impact.

21. Get Hook

Roblox Grapple Hook

Code: 30393548

Previously, I only used to catch anything. For 705 Robux, it’s available in stores.

Roblox Golden Steampunk Gloves

Code: 243790334

Equip it and strike it to inflict 15 points of damage per hit while also dispatching the opponent. It costs 325 Robux to purchase.

24. Korblox Mage Staff

Roblox Korblox Mage Staff

Roblox Gear Code: 127506105

For 1000 Robux, you can get this. It carries many spears upwards while down towards the attackers. Taking the spear and having it miss the adversaries will cause them trouble.

25. Starblox Latte

Roblox Starblox Latte

Code: 15932306

This Latte will allow you to stroll around more quickly and cost you 125 Robux.

26. Pulverize Super Jank Boombox

Codes 2022

Roblox Beat Up Super Jank Boombox

Code: 319655993

You can play your hit tunes, and whether or not you are lucky, it can play all.

27. Penguin Power Pet

Roblox Penguin Power Pet

Roblox Gear Code: 172248941

You could get this pet for 300 and then put it up as a friend with a snap. Pens will approach you without warning, and if you tap on the pet, this will jump on your shoulder and assist you in skating all-around assistance.

28. Claymore


What is the stuff code for a boombox?

Work. This stuff can be utilized to play sound documents transferred to Roblox. A GUI will spring up, with the default sound ID being 142295308. As long as the user has the ID, this can be altered to any music they choose to play.

How would you reclaim a code on Roblox gear?

Make sure you’re logged into the Roblox accounts where you want to recover the code.

Go to the Redeem Page for Promo Codes.

Fill out the form below with your code. Please enter your code.

Click the Redeem button.

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