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Roblox Condo Discord Servers (2022)

Access to Roblox condo games are tough to obtain by, but the accompanying Roblox Condo Discord servers have a slew of them.

The multiplayer online battle arena game invention console, now known as a metaverse, was created with one goal in mind: to create a platform for interactive virtual founder, where persons from all around the globe can collaborate and create millions of distinctive 3D perceptions which others can play online – or for Robux.

Roblox Condo

It is highly popular, but while presenting itself to be a safe environment for children, it continues to battle unsuitable information that is dangerous for health. Condo games, as they’re known, are plentiful on the Roblox platform, although hard to come by, and you’re about to uncover a few of them.

Condo is a phrase used to refer to Roblox sexual activities for the uninitiated. In games like this, poorly consolidated characters frequently imitate sexual actions. As a result, if you want to see what they look like in real life, here are the top Roblox condo discord servers where you can get a daily dose of condo game connections.

What is Roblox Condo

At the point when you only login into Roblox, you’ll be welcomed with a plenty of games to browse. From heading to doing combating, activity, experience, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, there’s something for everybody. Assuming you look somewhat further, you’ll track down games with questionable titles that, when actuated, portray bare characters emulating sex and other debased acts.

Condo games are the most common name for these kind of activities, and the worst aspect is that players frequently use terrible words and hateful speech to communicate with one another.

Strangely coincidence, the Roblox Condo games we currently know began as a gathering for rebellious kids, but have since evolved into something far worse. There a plenty of them on YouTube, but what can one do? If you turn off one of these condo games, two more will appear to take its place.

Roblox Games and Their Discord Servers

Here are a few of the great video games that you may play in Roblox.

 Vesteria is a 2018 game that was established by the Vesteria Team. This games is primarily an adventure game. The number of people who have viewed this leisure has surpassed 35 million, and this sport has been appreciated by over 464k people.

You can explore magnificent realms, fight fierce creatures, uncover hidden secrets and precious riches, establish groups and guilds with your friends, raid frightening dungeons, and much more in this game. This game was recently updated in 2021.

In this game, you are equipped for getting a few identifications comprising of

  • The Real Adventure Begins and this identification can be gotten on the off chance that you join a group
  • Treasure Hunter and this identification is procured on the off chance that you observe a Bluesteel money box.
  • Treasure Master and this identification is procured on the off chance that you find a brilliant money box.
  • Alpha Supporter and this identification is procured on the off chance that you play Vesteria during the Alpha area.

It likewise has a few game passes which you can purchase, like Bounty Hunter, Tester + 16 Slots, Double Inventory Space, and +eight Character Slots.

Assuming that you really want to sign up for the Discord server of this game, here is the hyperlink. This Discord server has more critical than 53k givers.


On April 28th, 2021, Centuries Makers was used to build this reproduction. It has been accessed over 461 million different ways and favoured over 1 million times. You may choose your characters, outfits, and careers in this game. You can also have one-of-a-kind houses and automobiles. Other activities available in this game include playing with wonderful pets and discovering secrets inside the environment.

Roblox Condo discard server

Welcome to Livetopia, People Up, Ending of Earth, The Lovely, New Profession, The Hidden, and several other emblems can be earned in this reproduction. You can also purchase for sports tickets in this games, including such VIP Tickets, Royal Passes, Aviator Passes, and Carnival Sets.

In the event that you play this amusement and sign up for the Discord server, here is the hyperlink to join the server.

Level 5 House Tycoon

On October 12th, 2019, Humza built this reproduction. This tournament’s server is eighteen minutes long. And over 178 million instances have visited this game to date, with more than 590,000 instances favouring it.

You can earn a badge in this sport, especially in Secret Room. You can purchase a variety of recreation passes for this sport, including VIP, Auto Collect, Customize, Triple Cash, House Lock, and Deluxe Car.


That’s the url to the game’s Discord server if you really need to join.

Wrapping Up

There are a plenty of servers on Discord committed to sharing Roblox apartment suite games joins, however in a piece not to exhaust you with meaningful conversations or spam this article with insignificant connections, we chose to unwind the one’s with the most dynamic individuals and a background marked by successive updates.

When you join the server, you’d get to find a lot of Roblox condominium games joins. Yet, we encourage you to be cautious and not risk getting restricted. Generally speaking, these are the best Roblox condominium conflict servers worth joining at present.

How to join

I’ve suddenly been having difficulty joining Roblox games on my phone. I discovered this issue using the Discord internet browser, but I’m not certain if it affects other browsers. It’s been going on for a while, which is why I started this thread.

  • Duplicate the connection of a Roblox game
  • Open Discord on a cell phone (I utilized an iPhone) and glue the connection in a server channel.
  • Open the connection and tap the play button.
  • Try to click “Open” on the affirmation screen (see connected screen capture).

A piece of advice:

The truth that Roblox is endeavoring to eliminate all of these condominium games from its site shows that they are unacceptable. The stage was made considering youngsters, and its principle reason is give securely and safely space to kids to cooperate and convey their viewpoints through play.

Roblox Condo games

Go amiss essentially from the first plan is crude, and we ask you as a programmer to shun supporting or delivering games that destructively affect kids. We hope you appreciate that we merely offered this article on how to discover Condo games on Roblox for academic reasons.


Does discord have Roblox?

More than 1,000,000 Roblox players are on Discord

A server based around ROBLOX games that gives great many surfaces and decals for many adornments on ROBLOX.

Is scented cons still on Roblox?

They’ve been formally prohibited on Roblox, yet there is a method for attempting them. This is the way to observe Roblox scented cons games: Open Discord. On the off chance that you don’t have one, you’ll have to make one.

What is a condo game?

Roblox sex games are conventionally implied on the stage as “condo suites”. They’re spaces, made by clients, where people can examine sex – and where their images can have virtual sex. In these games, Roblox’s standards are tossed through of the window.


When you joined the server, you’ll be given access to a number of Roblox condo game URLs. However, we strongly advise you to exercise caution in order to avoid being blacklisted.

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