angry birds transformers mod apk

Angry Birds Transformers Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems)

information about angry birds transformer

App NameAngry Birds Transformers
Requires Android4.4 and up
Current Version2.14.2
Get it onGoogle Play Store
Updated 2 Days Ago

Fun and very interesting game called Angry Birds Transformers Mod APK. You will play the role of birds. The autoboots have to show how powerful the birds are. Just have to be more discriminating with the help you render towards other people. Make a complete team that will be fighting against the enemies. If you are being attacked more, you can become a truck and defend it. The advantage of working together is that you can’t run away from the battlefield. Running away from the battlefield is a sign of cowardice.


Angry birds’ transformers are becoming very popular because of their simplicity. As it progresses, its advanced features are also enhanced. Angry birds describe the characteristics of transformers in its feature. Due to its feature and mod versions, it helps players to innovate.

Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay

Start the game and sit in transformers robots and hit your target and kill them. Play each level of the game to win prizes. The game has a board system and with the help of this system, you can collect a lot of money. The game is not a tragedy and a shooter-based game. It is based on an arcade category game. The movement of birds and transformers is in our hands while running on the android and pc screen. Our main target is pigs, which we do with the help of transformers.

Angry Birds Mod APK Transformers Features

Extra Fun

Also, enjoy the game by adopting different types of mechanics. The fun comes only when you collect all the money without any and distribute it among your players.


In the beginning, your slingshot with the help of color full birds and destroy your enemies. With the use of your money, you will buy a transformer. The transformer will help you to detect your enemy. In this short time period, you will kill your enemies easily.

Unlocked All Characters

Birds and transformers combination is the best role to play in the game. These characters continue to survive to improve the game’s popular franchise. Other characters are allowed to play the game but it also gives challenges to the players.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Angry birds transformers now are the time to work with the real bird robot transformers. Game developers have come up with a new adventure. The real enemy of the game is the energy egg that is destroying the islands. Transformers save their players and kill these enemies. After winning you will get a lot of money and gold.

angry birds transformers mod apk

Multiple Vehicles

During the war, transformers also transformers their heroes into vehicles. The main purpose of changing vehicles is to dodge their enemies and attack them. This way you can avoid enemy obstacles and get in the air.

New Weapons

Countless weapons can now be picked up only after you have crossed several levels of the game. That way you can get the best kind of guns for your player.

Unlocked Characters

You with the war when you attack your enemies with rocket launchers and other nuclear weapons and when you win a battle, you can unlock your other players and join other battles. After restoring strength, you can lift the trouble eggs.

Graphics and Sounds

Those who are interested in playing the angry bird’s transformers game will know a lot about its graphics. Numerous attacks and rocket launches will also you the graphics quality of this game. Good graphics will make you feel that you are well immersed in the game.

The graphics are good and the music is also amazing. Music shows its ability and player realized that they are really on the battlefield.

unlimited everything

Personal Review

I have 2 years of experience in this game. It’s really amazing and beautiful graphic game. Being a gamer, I realize that this is the best game which was I played. The great feature of this is that when it is hit by a bullet, it starts moving in its place. I would definitely recommend you to play this game once.


How to install angry birds transformer mod APK?

Click on the download button above and install the game to see if the OBB file is in your folder. Simply open the folder and see where is the angry birds’ file name is. In this way, you can easily download it.

How to unlock different characters?

Get a lot of money on every page of the game. With this money, you can unlock other characters.

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